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Wildlife Vacations

Wildlife Vacations

Wildlife Vacations
Wildlife tours are our special love. If you visit our other website you would notice in the home page letters of Appreciationreceived from eminent photographers & organisations including the Royal Photographic Society Of U.K. which is directly under the patronage of the Queen. You would also notice a letter received from a famous wildlife photographer. Actually, wildlife viewing in India is different from that in Africa. Unlike in Africa, where the animals come to you, in India, you have to look for the game. You need to listen to the alarm calls, watch out for the pug marks, note the scratching on the trees, watch out for droppings and also inquire from the forest trekkers if the tiger has made a kill (then the 'king' will be near his kill guarding it with all his life). In other words one has to enjoy the entire wilderness experience.

If you are keen on wildlife photography, I will suggest that you have at least two cameras with different speed films. You would need the faster film speed to shoot things in the trees e.g. birds or leopards. The other thing in India that you need is a high power lens. If you have a 600 MM lens, good, otherwise bring with you the 300 MM with the converter. This is because the safari vehicles cannot get off the trails. Hence, if there is a sighting someway away from the trail, the lens would be a good idea. Now, if you are using a lens (actually, even if you are not), remember to bring with you a bean bag to rest your camera. This will be needed to counter the vibrations of the vehicle and also can be used when you are not in a position to use the tripod. I guess after viewing your pictures it is a waste of time extolling on photo techniques. 

The varied geo-climatic conditions of India support a wide variety of vegetation ranging from arid deciduous forests of Central and East India. This varied habitat supports a diverse range of wildlife unique to the respective forest type.

The game parks suggested seek to achieve a twofold objective. First, they represent the diverse forest kinds of India with the respective game they offer. Second, we have stressed on highlighting the big 5 of India - The Gaur (World’s largest Ox), The Barasingha (12 horned Deer), The Wild Buffalo, The Tiger and The One horn rhino.

Finally, each of the reserves that we have suggested are very rich in bird life and billed to be a bird watchers paradise.
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