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The Tiger Tour India

The Tiger Tour Of India

The Tiger Tour Of India
Day 01: Arrival / Delhi
Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representatives welcome you and escort you to your car. 

Whilst the room keys and check-in is organized, our representative would introduce the tour to you and hand over the documents to you. 

Welcome to India, or as we say 'atithi devo bhava' (the guest is an incarnation of God). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Overnight at The Imperial - a 5* Downtown Hotel

Day 02: Delhi / Khajuraho (9W 723 - 1040 / 1255 Hrs) Khajuraho / Bandhavgarh
orning transfer to the airport to connect your flight to Khajuraho

Meeting and assistance upon arrival and we will drive to Bandhavgarh. A small wildlife sanctuary located in rocky hills rising from swamps and thick forest. The park has the highest density of tigers of any of India's reserves, who prey on the abundant herbivores including various deer such as the shaggy sambar, spotted chital, and muntjac; antelopes like nilgai, chinkara, and the 4-horned chowsingha; and massive gaur and wild boar.

Upon arrival check in to Mahua Kothi 

Bandhavgarh National Park, situated amid the airy Vindhya hills of Madhya Pradesh, has established a reputation as one of the best places in India to observe Tigers. Although a relatively small reserve when first established in 1968, it was enlarged twenty years later to include adjacent tracts of Sal forest and this extension has proved very beneficial for the Tiger population. The 105 square kilometres of park area, open for tourists is estimated to have a population of 22 tigers, a density of one tiger for every 4.77 square kilometres. 

Like many Tiger reserves in India, the area was formerly the hunting reserve of a Maharaja and contains much evidence of its royal associations, most spectacular being the ruins of a huge hilltop fort, which dominates the centre of the reserve. Bandhavgarh is somewhat isolated in the rural heart of India but the long overnight train journey from Delhi is well worth the effort and visitors are richly rewarded by a fine selection of wildlife and the real chance of never to be forgotten encounters with the greatest of the big cats. 

Overnight at Mahua Kothi - a 5* Taj Group Hotel

The Tiger Tour of India

The Tiger Tour of India
Day 03 - 04: BandhavgarhThe pattern of early morning and afternoon excursions will be interspersed with periods of relaxation back at our accommodation during the heat of midday. Although Tigers are the star attraction at Bandhavgarh the supporting cast of mammals and birds is very impressive, the latter including such species as Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Plum-headed Parakeet, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo and Asian Paradise Flycatcher among a total of over 250 species recorded in the district. Tour members with an interest in ornithology will value the time between game drives as an opportunity to explore some of the habitats close to our base.

Tigers, and the more rarely seen Leopards, have no shortage of prey in the reserve. The Spotted Deer or Chital is a favourite item on the Tiger menu and several thousand of these delightful deer inhabit the park. 

Other species found here in varying abundance include; Chinkara, Chowsinga, Wild Boar, Sambar, Muntjac and Nilgai. Herds of the Asian Bison, or Gaur, formerly Inhabited the Reserve but impressive beast has not been seen at Bandhavgarh since 1998 although a closely monitored programme for the reintroduction of the Gaur is planned within couple of years. A hunting pack of wild dogs may also be seen on occasions. Mammal sightings always require a degree of luck, particularly when the species is essentially nocturnal or reclusive but each outing in the reserve will at least provide a chance to meet one of the rarer inhabitants such as Sloth Bear, Indian fox, Jackal, Wolf, Ratel, Striped Hyenas, Jungle Cat or Indian. More predictable are the sounders of Wild Boar rooting among the vegetation, Indian Hares, the lively little Palm Squirrels that seem to be constantly in a state of agitation, and several members of the mongoose tribe. Common Langurs and Rhesus Macaques are also plentiful, the former enjoying an elevated view of the forest as they devour their favourite leaves and often the first creature to bark out a warning at the appearance of a Tiger below.

We are never short of wildlife to watch in this gem of a reserve.

Overnight at Mahua Kothi - a 5* Taj Group Hotel

Day 05: Bandhavgarh / Kanha (325 kms / 08 hrs)Morning jungle excursion in open top vehicle

Following a leisurely breakfast, we drive to Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Upon arrival, check into your Hotel Banjaar Tola Kanha National Park

Overnight at Banjaar Tola Kanha National Park - a 5* Taj Group Hotel


The Tiger Tour Of India

The Tiger Tour Of India
Day 06 - 07: Kanha Tiger Reserve
Kanha National Park, which is one of the most well known tiger reserves worldwide, is located among the Banjar and Halon valleys in the Mandla / Balaghat districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Its creation took place among, and after, a lot of turbulence and storm within concerned circles regarding rampant killing of wildlife in the area at the time. The central Kanha valley was declared a sanctuary way back in 1933 but got its status as a National Park in 1955. It covers a large area of 1,945 square kilometers, out of which 940 square kilometers form the main park. The altitude of the park ranges from 450 meters to 900 meters above sea level. The temperature, depending on the season, ranges from 0 degrees in the winters to 48 degrees in the summers. The park remains open from the 01st of November to the 30th of June. Sometimes, as with most parks of the country, it can be closed earlier if the monsoon season arrives sooner than expected. The park has a heavy monsoon season with an average annual rainfall of 1600mm. The basic infrastructure at the park is well developed and visits can "mostly" be expected to pass without any problems. 

Kanha is also famous for it's animal conservation efforts made in collaboration and cooperation with the local resident communities. One of the famous success stories of the park is the survival of the Barasingha population in the park, which went down to as low as 66 animals in 1970 from the earlier 3000 and which through huge efforts have now revived to a respectable number of around 1000. Kanha boasts of many such success stories of which this is only an example.

Kanha National Park is world famous for it's tigers. Tiger sightings are not as rare as in most other parks of the country. The only other reserves in the country that can claim to have as many sightings as Kanha are Ranthambor and Kanha's own neighbour, Bandhavgarh. 

Other than the tiger, some of the more frequently seen animals in the park consist of Leopards, Gaur, Chausinghas, Sloth Bears, Barking Deer, Swamp Deer (Barasingha), Blackuck, Langurs, Wild Boars, Porcupines, Mouse Deer, Hyenas, Jackals and Wild Dogs (Dholes). 

The reptile residents of the park consist of Monitor Lizards, Pythons and a large variety of other snakes.

Overnight at Banjaar Tola Kanha National Park - a 5* Taj Group Hotel

Day 08: Kanha / Pench
Following a leisurely breakfast we will drive to Pench

This park is different. Located in the AVSM (Aravali, Vindhyanchal, Satpura and Maikal Ranges) belt, this teak forest is a different and a pleasant surprise to the normal and scenic parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh. The tracks are smoother, the trees are thicker with dense undergrowth, perhaps one reason why the herbivore population here is larger in size compared to Kanha and Bandhavgarh. There is a distinct silence here. You feel you are the King, when suddenly your driver halts seeing the Pugmarks of the actual King of the area. A Tiger has just crossed; he shows them to you, and suddenly an alarm call from one of the denizens of the forest. You, your driver, your naturalist are all alert. Looking in the direction of the call, eye balls mu ch bigger than usual, heart pounding at 120 beats a minute. Ears as big as of an Elephant, you want to see the true King of Pench. The drama, unfolds, and you are in Pench, the true and original Kipling Country.

Upon arrival, check into Baghvan Pench National Park

Overnight at Baghvan Pench National Park


The Tiger Tour Of India

The Tiger Tour Of India
Day 09 - 10: Pench
Morning & afternoon jungle excursions

The park is rich in bio-diversity. The avi-fauna is rich Orioles, Hornbills, Flycatchers, Tits, Warblers, Raptors, the list is endless. Reptiles like Monitor Lizard, Rat snake, Leaf Nosed Vine snake, Indian python, Cobra; Krait and Russell's viper live here. The forests comprise of Teak, Bamboo, Tendu, Bija, Dhawa, Kullu, Lendiya, Salai, Harra, Aonla, Palas, Mahau, Char, Khair etc. 

Tiger & Leopard are primary carnivores. The prey species are the Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Langurs, Chinkara, Wild Boar and Four Horned Antilope. The Gaur is the coarse grazer and the Sloth Bear is an omnivore. The secondary consumers are the Wild Dog, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Hyena, and the Jungle Cat etc.

Overnight at Baghvan Pench National Park

Day 11: Pench / Nagpur Nagpur / Delhi (9W 367 - 1955 / 2130 Hrs) Delhi / Departure
Morning jungle excursion in open top vehicle

Later transfer to Nagpur airport to board your flight to Delhi

Meeting and assistance upon arrival in Delhi and transfer to airport hotel to use washroom facilities in public areas. You may also choose to have refreshments before you are transferred in time to the airport for your onward flight. 
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